The concept of Kitty Burns has a well-known history, a tale of two sisters local to the area who inspired an idea, both now famous and iconic along the Abbotsford stretch of the Yarra River. The playful character and rich history of the Skipping Girl, nicknamed “Little Audrey” and also known as the "Vinegar Girl" create the concept and title of Kitty Burns.

The original Skipping Girl was modelled on 5 year old Kitty Minogue in 1915 when her brother sketched her in a winning competition entry for the vinegar company.

An updated version of the skipping girl was recreated a short time later where in fact the elder sister of Kitty Minogue, Alma Burns was used to create the current Skipping Girl seen today.

Known as Bobbie Burns, she could often be found skipping behind the milk-bar where she lived which everyone called her 'cosy corner'.

Kitty Burns was born out of tying their two names together to create our fictional character - reminiscent of the rich history of the area that reflects the serene, quiet yet playful nook where the spirited sisters liked to skip.

The legacy of the two little girls that loved to skip can now be remembered through the name Kitty Burns.